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Gas Based Generator Rental

We are one of the leading rental power suppliers offering exceptional quality gas based generators for the pharma, bio-tech and gas field sectors. Our diesel powered machines are capable of handling any of your additional power needs in a cost-effective manner. The turbine-based power ensures optimum heat recovery and operates in a flexible manner. Our reliable natural gas generators reduce your total power cost to a great extent. Choose our high performance, zero capex gas generators to power your plants and be assured of guaranteed continuous power delivery. Our team of dedicated professional technicians offer high quality, efficient back up service to ensure there is no disruption in power supply.

Perennial Technologies Pvt. Ltd supply the power using gas based engine/ turbine up to 10MW on BOO basis depending upon the availability of gas (PNG or LNG).

The main characteristic of natural gas based power plant is co-generation & CHPC (combined heat, power & chilling). We can trap the exhaust heat produced during generation of electricity which can be used for heating & chilling purpose.

Why Co-Generation/CHPC:
  • Saves money
  • Increased power reliability
  • Reduce greenhouse gases
  • Conserve limited resources

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