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Generator Rental – 30KVA to 500KVA

30 Kva - 500 Kva diesel generator on hire in India

30 Kva - 500 Kva Diesel Generators on Hire

We offer diesel generators on hire that can provide 30 Kva - 500 Kva power. Our Diesel Generator sets are embedded with the best quality soundproof system that assures users for minimal noise. The acoustic enclosure is the standard scope of supply. Ideal for general purpose use, for standby purposes, and for use by insurance, construction, retail stores, and banking sector, this ready-to-use generator can solve major power issues.

We have a team of qualified, dedicated technicians taking care of servicing and maintenance of cluster identified by us. Standardized product network across 30 Kva to 500 Kva Diesel Generator on hire in India assures users for enhanced efficiency and uptime. Our range of services also extends to providing fuel services and distribution panel.

Perennial Technologies Diesel Generator Rental Company in India
The Diesel Generators on Hire with Perennial Technologies is cost efficient package equipment. The equipment is optimized with best industrial parts to make it fuel efficient. With the 24*7 Onsite support at affordable rates, the Diesel Generator is very durable. Durability and reliability of the equipment reduce your production downtime.

100 Kva - 250 Kva Dg Set on Rent for Industries in India

The 30 Kva, 60 Kva, 100 Kva, 125 Kva, 250 Kva, and 500 Kva diesel generators on rent, range of output gives your unit ample flexibility to switch to equipment that meets your changed requirement. Our Polyurethane coated canopy packaged diesel generator on hire requires minimum installation time to save your any infrastructural change or delay. High-end technology and compact designs make them the first choice for all fields.

The diesel generator on rent is built upon highly reliable technology making them safe to be used in any type of premises. The usage panels are electronic microprocessor based offering comprehensive readings. The technical workforce makes regular visits to the installed diesel generator to ensure the smooth operations.

The 125 Kva diesel generators on hire, engine comprise S type fuels pump which offers better efficiency and the hydraulic latch adjuster provision of the cold advance switch makes it ideal for industrial applications. The voltage is regulated automatically to safeguard your other equipment from any fluctuation damages. Load-dependent start-stop system ensures no wastage of idle power generation. Remote monitoring of the diesel generator saves time and makes monitoring easy.

60 Kva - 350 Kva on Hire for Event Companies & Factories
The 82 Kva - 350 Kva diesel generator on hire is perfectly operable in marine environment also. The generator on hire provides unlimited hours of backup and temporary overloading of 10%. The robust engines play a vital role in the best outputs with low emission and higher efficiency saving you redundant costs. The engines with high capacity ensure the diesel generators respond to load changes quickly.

You have a range of catalog to choose from us with the diesel generator itself supporting the range of outputs and the different diesel generator on hire giving you 30 Kva, 60 Kva, 125 Kva, 250 Kva, and 500 Kva outputs makes us versatile to meet your needs.

The diesel generator on hire with Perennial Technologies is synchronizing with global technology trends and ever-increasing user expectations. We ensure to give you the best diesel generator on hire with best services.

Perennial Technologies Provide Solution For:
  • 30 Kva - 82.5 Kva Dg set on rent for small Events in India.
  • 100 Kva - 250 Kva diesel generator on hire for businesses & companies.
  • 125 Kva - 500 Kva GenSet rental solution for Factories in India.
  • Fuel management service provider for on-site installed dg set
  • Power Distribution Panel on rent for heavy power output.
Technical Specifications
Capacity 30 KVA 50/62.5 KVA 125KVA 250KVA 500KVA
100% Current 42A 87A 174A 348A 695A
80% Current 34A 70A 139A 278A 556A
Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption @ 80% load 5 10 21 41 83
Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz
Engine Make Kirloskar Kirloskar Kirloskar Kirloskar/Cummins Kirloskar/Cummins/Volvo
DG Dimension in mm 2530x1190x2100 3350x1190x2100 3940x1640x2450 5340x1840x2450 6500x2000x2300
DG Foundation in mm 2830x1490x150 4050x1800x200 4750x2500x250 5740x2240x250 7400x2900x300

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