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Perennial has it all 625 Kva - 1250 Kva Diesel Generator on Hire

625 Kva - 1250 Kva diesel generator on hire in India

Our range of 625 Kva - 1250 Kva diesel generator on hire are designed to help maintain a steady power supply in factories, data centers, and other industries. We offer this acoustic enclosed GenSet on rent and ensure excellent backup service with the help of our well-trained technicians. We have invested in training our manpower to handle any power related crisis and ensure that our customers enjoy uninterrupted power supply with optimum uptime. Fast mobilization and enhanced flexibility is assured of with our generators that come with a perfect grid paneling. Prevent any loss that may occur through extensive power outages by renting high-performance generators from us.

We are a generator rental company empowering our clients with a range of 625 Kva - 1250 Kva diesel generators on hire in India. These acoustic enclosed diesel generators on rent are assembled to optimize operating economy, reliability and long life. Renting diesel generators is always a cost-effective option over purchasing it but the initial rental cost, fuel, lubrication oil, maintenance, and overhaul are to be well considered before deciding on the generator rental company.

Our 625 Kva, 750 Kva, 1010 Kva, and 1250 Kvadiesel generators on rent service is competitively cost-effective and the optimized maintenance program ensures you 100% uptime. The best quality assembly parts of the diesel generators on hire gives you the lowest life-cycle cost of equipment.

How we maintain Your Generator on Hire and Give Fuel Efficient Output?
The diesel generator has emission under limits, in turn, improving the fuel efficiency at your chosen range of operating loads. The enclosure is UV resistant so it can withstand extreme weathers safeguarding the diesel engine, alternator, and other internal parts.

What are our standards of optimized operations?
Our high standard trained technical staff excels in customer satisfaction.
  • Quick and safe installation of the 625 Kva - 1010 Kva diesel generators on rent.
  • Guiding you to decide the perfect match from our range of 750 Kva - 1250 Kva diesel generator on hire.
  • Training the onsite technical staff on the usage of panels.
  • Performance integrity of the assembled equipment is supported by our pan India network of the strong technical workforce.

How Do We Ensure to Give You Seamless Outputs and Compliance Standards?

  • 625 Kva - 1250 Kva diesel generator on hire with a range of power output.
  • Diesel Generators are paralleled with the grid with synchronization of voltage, frequency, and phases.
  • Step Up outputs to meet the varying load protection standards.
  • Fuel Management System - Regular fuel test runs are done to ensure the removal of contaminants, fuel leaks, and good fuel consumption.
  • Temporary Power Plant on Unit Basis.
  • Exhaust System on rent to meet the govt. standards of emission of exhaust from 625 Kva, 750 Kva, 1010 Kva, and 1250 Kva diesel generator on rent.
  • Remote monitoring of the dg set with microprocessor-based panel control.
  • Zero idle power generators with our loaded dependent start-stop mechanism of diesel generator on hire.

The Power Rental Needs Do Not End at Diesel Generators So We Stock Them All For You Ranging From:

  • Mobile Light Towers.
  • Step up transformers.
  • Step down transformers.
  • Dewatering services.
  • Air Compressors on rent.

750 Kva - 1010 Kva Dg Set on Rent in India for Industries

Our relations as generator Rental Company since last 25 years is purely based on the trust we have built up with our clients by providing them the best in our niche.

We as anIndia best generator rental company do understand the essence of a one-stop solution for your entire power requirement. Right from the decision making to maintenance, we ensure you are provided with the best diesel generator on rent that gives your industrial plant or data center an uninterrupted power supply cost effectively. Our high-performance diesel generator on rent is an equipment to be trusted 10 on 10 for all your power needs.

  • Dg Set range (625 Kva - 1250 Kva).
  • Synchronization with Grid / Changeover.
  • STEP UP from 415 TO 6.6/11/22/33 Kva.
  • Fuel Management System.
  • Temporary Power Plant on Unit Basis.
  • Exhaust System on Rent.
750 Kva – 1010 Kva diesel generator on hire in India
Technical Specifications
Capacity 500 KVA 625 KVA 750 KVA 1000 KVA 1250 KVA
100% Current 695A 869A 1043A 1390A 1738A
80% Current 556A 695A 834A 1112A 1390A
Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption @ 80% load 83 104 125 166 208
Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz
Engine Make Kirloskar/Cummins Cummins Cumminus Cumminus Cummins
DG Dimension in mm 6500x2000x2300 7000x2500x2925 7500x2500x2925 7500x2700x3150 7500x2700x3150
DG Foundation in mm 7400x2900x300 7400x2900x300 9500x4000x400 9500x4000x400 9500x4000x400
Starting System Electric start Electric start Electric start Electric start Electric start

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