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customized dg set on rent in India

Perennial Technologies offer diesel generators on hire that can provide 30 Kva, 45 Kva, 100 Kva, 125 Kva, 350 Kva, 500 Kva and 750 Kva power. Our Diesel Generator sets are embedded with the best quality sound proof system that assures users of minimal noise.


5 hp – 50 hp dewatering pumps on rent

WellPoint Dewatering System on Hire - Perennial Technologies are providing dewatering pumps for rent in Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Pan India. We have 2 categories of Pumps, IgE 81/32 WellPoint dewatering system and IgE 81/63 Sumps dewatering pumps.


mobile light tower manufacturing company in India

Perennial Technologies offer the best quality, reliable mobile lighting tower rental. These lighting towers offer temporary lighting solutions especially for huge outdoor events and for highway projects. The lighting towers we offer are made of the best quality materials, are easy to install, tested for quality, cost effective and high performing.


transformer rental solution in India

Perennial Technologies are one of the best transformer rental companies catering to various sectors that need continuous power supply. Especially for large-scale construction projects and other manufacturing units. Our skid mount transformer up to 5 Mva, 11/6.6 Kva is capable of handling complete power distribution.


Perennial Technologies - India Best Generator Rental Company

Are you thinking how to get rid of prolonged power outages? Well, a blackout can occur anytime and anywhere. We cannot stop it but yes, it disrupts our life a lot. There are so many reasons that cause the shortage of primary power supply. Some of them are natural disasters, national issues, a fault in power grid stations and low supply of power. Other than that, when animals and birds come in contact with high tension wires and cause damage, it also leads to long power outages. Whatever may be the reason, the only solution for such outages is a reliable power backup system.

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