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Dg Set on Hire

Why did the need of dg set on hire arise?

With the automation tightening its grasp on every other industry need of consistent power supply started becoming the detrimental factor in the growth of any companies. For the service industries converting their databases to digital a nonstop supply of electricity, for huge industries setting up the facility in far flung areas to save the land cost and labor cost, for hospitals the lifesaving equipment's all need a continuous parallel power source. A dg set was voted the most economical, long cycled and reliable equipment. With the cost of generators being a part of capital investment increase the need of Dg set on hire for below widely stated reasons:

  • The factory or industrial or a service industry set up is on leased property. In the case of leased property, the chances of relocation remains are high. A Dg set on hire gives your plant movement flexibility.
  • The dg sets on hire are power flexibility and transportation by the rental company.
  • The dg sets on rent provide you with a flexibility to move to better cost effective technologies without having to worry about disposal of old equipment.
  • The best dg set Rental Company will help you save on investing in a property that is depreciative in nature and will help you invest on appreciating assets.

What are the features of a best dg set Rental Company?

  • The dg set on hire deployed at your plant should have been customized to meet your needs.
  • The rental company should provide you a dg set in an acoustic enclosure rendering the noise levels at 67 dBA @ 1m.
  • The dg set on rent should be quick and easy to set up and minimum maintenance demanding.
  • The dg set emission quality should be within govt. permissible ranges.
  • What is the USP of Perennial Power Rental in providing dg set on hire?

  • Each dg set is enclosed in a custom-designed enclosure to ensure safety, mobility, scalability, durability and ease of transportation by road.
  • Every part of your dg set right from the engine to the power dispensing points is ensured the best quality.
  • The entire setup is safe to the facility.
  • The dg set on rent from Perennial is fuel optimized to ensure you maximum output with the quality fuel.
  • The 25 years of experience has made Perennial well versed with the range of power requirement they user may need, the need to update the equipment and the low maintenance dg set on rent.
  • Being the best dg set Rental Company we provide you with the range of 30 KVA to 2MWA.
  • We provide you one roof service and 24 * 7 onsite maintenance efficient crew.
  • With our monthly maintenance cycle, we make sure our equipments are up and running and in best performance cycle. We are always on our toes to meet any of your requirements or change in requirements.

    Our across India presence serving across 15 cities with uninterrupted power supply gives us the credit of being the best dg set rental company.

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