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GenSet on Hire

What is a GenSet?

GenSet is the short acronym for generator set. It is a combination package of the diesel engine, sound attenuation system, control systems, circuit breakers etc. The GenSet on hire cater to the needs of the end users be it home, shops, offices, factories and industrial areas. This serves as a parallel source of power in absence of power supply.

What is the requirement of Generator rental service?

A Generator rental service gives you the number of options that are tailored to meet your specific needs, including control panels for auto start, mains paralleling, sound proofing, exhaust systems, etc. GenSet as small as 200 kW (250 Kva) are widely used for emergency power or feeding power to utility grids during high load periods.

What are being the factors that help you decide the GenSet are perfect for your load requirements?

  • Sizing and selection- you need to calculate loads of electrical devices and make a rough estimate of your expected load. You must discuss this figure with the generator rental company.
  • Cooling - Engine cooling during the power generation process
  • Ventilation - Allowing airflow during the cooling process (design)
  • Fuel consumption rate - Fuel is one recurring expense of the diesel generator. You need to know long will the GenSet on hire run for at the approximate load.
  • Noise- The noise dB levels should be within your permissible limits.
  • Exhaust system- when the generator is well maintained by the Generator rental company the exhaust will be
  • Starting systems - key start, pull start, button start – you have lots to choose from the control systems. The ease of the control system the lesser is the time needed by your staff to get friendly with it.

What is the USP of Perennial Power Rental in providing GenSet on hire?

  • Each GenSet is enclosed in a custom-designed enclosure to ensure safety, mobility, scalability, durability, and ease of transportation by road.
  • Every part of your GenSet the engine, the power dispensing points are the best quality to save your fuel cost and maintenance.
  • The entire setup is safe to the facility with no power leakage and fuel leakage.
  • The GenSet on hire from Perennial Technologies is fuel optimized to ensure you maximum output with the quality fuel making it a cost effective avenue.
  • The 25 years of experience of Perennial has made it versatile. We can provide you power equipment quickly as per your change in needs.
  • Being the best generator rental companywe provide you with the range of 30 KVA to 2MWA and multi megawatt series of diesel generator.
  • We provide you all services under one roof and 24 * 7 onsite maintenance efficient crew.

Our monthly maintenance cycle makes sure our diesel generators are up and running and in best performance shape. We are always quick and prompt to meet any of your requirements or change in requirements.

Our pan India presence serves across 15 cities in India with uninterrupted power supply. The niche gives us the credit for being the best generator rental company with our robust and long associated clientele.

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