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Construction Sites Power Requirement Rental Solutions

The builders & construction sites have a huge temporary power requirements as most of the equipment involved is heavy duty. The power needs are variable that cannot be sufficed by government regulated power organizations. This creates a huge demand of Generator for the construction site. Additionally, the power equipment is also required for a shorter duration of construction work. As the demand for construction Power is variable and temporary the provision of rental equipment and the rental power supply is most cost effective and quick.

The construction sector faces many challenges due to which we witness most of the construction work getting delayed. The issues the construction sector faces are Labor idle time due to power issues or equipment delays. For the construction cycle to go smoothly:

  1. The power costs need to be manageable and up times should be optimized.
  2. The rented equipment should be always in best working conditions.

We provide innovative solutions for power and utility services by optimizing uptime and cost for the generator for construction sites.

How do we at Perennial Power provide a reliable Construction Power Solution?

At Perennial we provide you rental services for all your power supply and equipment needs.

Planning: Whether your construction work is short term or long term we help you plan it out your Construction Power.

(a) When must your temporary power system be available?

(b) What power supply and power equipment is required during each stage of the construction lifecycle?

  With the huge range of power supply and equipment, we meet all of you basic or surplus demands.

  • Installation: The installation of the power supply equipment has to be fixed to avoid any re works and electrical hazards. We visit your sites and understand your construction plan to decide the power supply installation areas.
  • Maintenance: With our 250 specially trained technical staff we ensure you optimized uptime and monthly maintenance cycle of the equipment.

What are our customer satisfaction standards?

We provide you one stop solution for all your current and future power needs.

  • Generator for construction site supplying power output of the range 30kva to 500kva and multi watt generators makes us adaptable to any of your urgent needs.
  • Safe Distribution box or boards for the Distribution of the Electricity.
  • Mobile lightning tower for construction sites in working area.
  • Welding Machines for the Construction purpose.
  • Fuel management & Storage system.
  • 24/7 hour operator on site Deployment to ensure maximum uptime.
  • Contractor power prior to utility connection by generator for construction sites.
  • Redundant model home power.
  • Crane and welding power for high-rise buildings.
  • Acoustic enclosed power equipment.

Mobile lightning tower for construction sites:

Mobile lightning tower for construction sites is a critical part of the rental equipment.    

  • Lightning levels.
  • Lightning mobility is very crucial.

With our mobile van mounted lightning towers, we ensure your construction sites are well lit for the work to go on unhindered. The rotation feature of the towers puts it to best use. Weather resistant enclosures give long life to the equipment thus lowering your maintenance cost and time.

Perennial meets all the exceptional standards and 24*7 availability, our quick and prompt services provide you one stop solutions right from installations to maintenance. We provide you energy conversations updates and cost effective equipment upgrades. With our 25 years of experience in power rental niche, we have optimized all our services.


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