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Well - Point Dewatering Pumps on Rent in India

Well points are smaller diameter tubes with slot near the bottom that are inserted into the ground from which water is drawn by a vacuum generated by a dewatering pump. System consist of number of well points spaced along a trench, all connected to common header, which is attached to one or better points pump.

Dewatering is an important step in any construction process. To have a solid and strong basement, it is very important to vacate the soil of that site of the water. If the construction site is near a water body, then dewatering becomes even more important. In these days this dewatering is done by a special type of device called submersible pump or well-points dewatering pump. This device has a hermetically sealed motor close-coupled to the motor body. This structure is then submerged into the water to be pumped.

This avoids a big problem of pump cavitation. As water is pumped from the deep soil, a hydraulic gradient is formed which removes water from the neighboring soil pores. Water simply flows into the well forming a cone of depression around the well so that there is no space left in the pore spaces of the soil in and around the neighboring soil.

Applications of Wells Point Dewatering Pumps
Dewatering pumps are not only used at the construction sites, but they also have many other applications as well. India is a farming country. But most of the areas are still dependent on the monsoon which is highly unpredictable. So irrigation is very necessary by other means.

Dewatering pumps are also needed for the construction of the wells. A deep well mainly consists of a borehole fitted with a slotted liner and an electric dewatering pump. In big metropolitan cities dewatering pumps are fitted in big societies to draw water from underground. Dewatering pumps of high horse-power are fitted in these building so that water needs of the whole society can be taken care of.

Sumps Dewatering Pumps Rental Service in India

System involve excavation of temporary pit & installation of sumps within the excavation, from which water entering into the excavation can be pumped. The number of location of sump pit should be determined & place on the erosion & sedimentations control plan.

Apart from this, sumps dewatering pumps are also used in the horizontal drainage system to remove excess water from the drains. In this case, the electric submerged pumps are fitted into the drains.Dewatering pumps are also used in the well points which are used to extract water from sandy soils. There are some dewatering pumps which are designed solely for the sandy soils. They may not be that effective in sandy soil or rocky conditions. Single stage dewatering pumps are used in the sewage pumping, industrial pumping, and slurry pumping. This process helps in cleaning out the environment.

Not only to draw are water, but these submersible electric pumps also used in the oil wells. But the pumps which are being used in the electrically hazardous sites or that of combustible liquids should be so designed so that not to ignite the combustible liquid.

Dewatering pumps are highly priced owing to their variety of applications. If you want it for a small time venture, for e.g. to dig a well in your own home then buying a dewatering pump will not be a good idea.

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Variety of Dewatering Pumpson Rent which we caters
We offer a wide range of dewatering pumps on rent to our customers such as mine dewatering pumps, diesel dewatering pumps, sewage dewatering pumps, industrial dewatering pumps, wells,and tube wells dewatering pumps, well-point dewatering pumps, slumps dewatering pumps and many more as per specific needs of our customers.

Apart from this, we rent centrifugal pump, mud pumps, transfer pumps, sludge pumps, engine water pumps, concrete pumps, mini concrete pumps, portable concrete pumps, syringe pumps. Our expert team has much experience and knowledge in this domain and so we rent out these dewatering pumps to our valuable customers. We rent out these pumps as per the industrial guidelines.

Our services are open 24*7 for our valuable customers. We have a strong network all over India. Villages and rural parts of India many times suffer from water shortage in the peak summer days. So we are here to reach even the remotest part of India if dewatering pump is needed there.

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