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Dewatering system on hire services

Well Point Dewatering

Dewatering System Well points are smaller diameter tubes with slot near the bottom that are inserted into the ground from which water is drawn by a vacumm generated by a dewatering pump.System consist of number of well points spaced along a trench,all connected to common header, which is attached to one or better points pump.

Sumps Dewatering

Dewatering System System involve excavation of temporary pit & installation of sumps within the excavation, from which water entering into the excavation can be pumped.The number of location of sump pit should be determined & place on the erosion & sedimentations control plan.

Risk Involve
  • Environmental impact.
  • Harm to native vegetation,or erosion of structure or services.
  • Chances of flood.
  • Sediments build up in drain, water ways.
  • System failure.
  • Unskilled manpower.
  • Improper selection of pump.
  • Improper handling of equipment.

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