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Emergency Power

Diesel Generator on hire

What is the requirement of emergency power backup solutions?

The industrial and service sector is most demanding of continuous power. The fact that an industry whether small or big or any construction site, power cuts can be a detrimental factor of its productivity. The brownouts or blackouts are a common trend in any urban or rural area. The power directly impacts the productivity of industries production or services. Labor idle time and deadline misses increase and impacts the business when power curtailment is there. Every sector needs a temporary power plant to meet regular and any emergency power backup solutions.

How does Perennial ensure you emergency power backup for industries?

Perennial power ensures you maximum uptime in any industry. We are one of the leading providers of emergency power backup solutions. Our reliable solutions to your requirement are:
  1. 30 KVA - 500 KVA diesel generators for emergency power backup for industries.
  2. 500 KVA - 2000 KVA diesel generators for temporary power plants.
  3. Multi Megawatt solutions.
  4. Acoustics containerized power generators.
All the equipment's are set up in a power installation area and then cabled to your output points.
  • We ensure the proper functionality and safety of wirings. We help you with the set up till maintenance.
  • We ensure the equipment is in best working conditions with regular maintenance cycles.
  • Our 24 * 7 technical on-site supports ensure you smooth working.
  • We patch in when there is a temporary surge in power requirement.
  • Diverse solutions to your emergency power needs.
The emergency power backup solutions are tailored to meet your requirements. We offer the most reliable rental power backup solutions like generators, transformers and temporary power plants depending on your specific needs. By reaching out for our emergency power solutions, you can safeguard your operations and reduce temporary power loss risk. Major outages do happen once in a while and this inevitable event has a huge impact on industrial and corporate operations. By choosing our tailored emergency power backup solutions our customers can reduce the risk of temporary power loss to their production and services.

With a workforce of 250 technically efficient team panning 24 cities across India, we feel proud to be serving the rental industry since last 15 years. We serve the IT, securities, Insurance, small scale industries and big industries. We value the extent of your trust on us.

Our quick and prompt services provide you one stop solutions right from installations to maintenance we provide you energy conversations update regularly.