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Diesel Generator on rent

Generator and Light Tower on Rent for Events

Events call for a lot of temporary set up short or long events the basic arrangements remains the same. The area where the event is set up may not be having a grid to support for all your temporary power needs. In this case generator on rent for events is an ultimate to manage your entire power requirement.

The power availability is foremost as all the equipment will run on it, for any event to run smoothly you would need:

  1. Light tower for events for illumination.
  2. Generator on rent for events.
  3. Mounted generator van for events.

The power requirements for events may be short term or long term and low or high. We are capable of dealing it all with best services. When you plan for an event you should know the power needs to run the event smoothly.
  1. We figuring out your exact power needs.
  2. We offer you a budget and complete package for your requirement.
  3. The Generator on rent for events is installed by our experienced technical team.
  4. We offer mounted generator van for events to provide mobility power.
  5. The event may be in-door or outdoor we take care of complete installation, maintenance and safety services of the equipment.

Our equipment's that cater to your event management needs :

Light Towers: For the temporary illumination of your event we provide you with Light towers mounted high enough to give maximum and optimum coverage. The Light towers are 360 degrees automatic rotatable and weather proof.

Generator on rent for events: Our range of generators range from 30 KVA to 2 Megawatt and multi watt generators to cater to your requirements.

With 25 years of experience in the power rental industry, we excel all the industry standards to meet rental power requirement. We work seamlessly to keep the event working well with uninterrupted power supplies.

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