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Fuel Management

Why does your plant require Fuel management service provider?

Fuel is the backbone of your equipment's onsite performance. The high-grade fuel renders high fuel/power output ratio together with maintaining a long life cycle of the diesel generators. The rental cost of your equipment is one time but what is recurring is the fuel cost. When you keep a check on your fuel quality you save a lot on the cost of fuel consumed and maintenance cost of your equipment. Whenever you choose a generator Rental Company to ensure it provides you Fuel management services under one roof.

What happens to the fuel when not stored under good condition by the fuel management service provider?

The diesel nowadays is more volatile in nature. The diesel quality used by generator Rental Company gets degraded when not handled properly while storing, supplying or transferring. The diesel fuel gets oxidized or re-polymerized very quickly. Re-polymerization happens due to the catalytic cracking of heavier fuels to meet the specifications of the diesel fuel.

Dirty, rusted or oxidized fuel forms micro-suspension of brown or red particles that deposit as black soot on the fuel filter of the equipment provided by generator Rental Company. This soot is so harmful to your equipment and its performance that it could demand you to change the entire fuel and the filters too. Ensure your fuel management service provider gets clear guidelines from you to meet the good fuel requirement.

When the treated heavier fuels are used as diesel they rapidly change back to heavier fuels if not stored properly. The fuel forms thick sludge that blocks the fuel filter.

The fuel filter is the pathway to the engine both oxidization and re-polymerization renders the fuel un-pump able and this can be maintained only with a Fuel Management service provider.

Why should you choose Perennial as your Fuel management service provider?

With over 25 years of experience in generator rental services, we know how to keep them working in best performance zone. We understand the fuel we provide to your diesel generator if that is in the optimal condition it will ensure reliable power up time to your diesel equipment by Generator Rental Company.

  • We ensure to provide you ULSD fuel with leakage free shunting trucks.
  • We ensure water free diesel fuel to you which are the prime point of concern for us as generator Rental service provider.
  • We ensure the Ph levels to be between 5.5 and 8 running the equipment of generator Rental service provider at optimal levels.
  • We provide asphalting free diesel fuel that traces found could cause engine failure or reduces revolutions per minute.
  • We monitor the onsite diesel fuel tanks for the fuel quality.
  • We sample the diesel fuel and take it periodically for quality check.
  • We track every drop of fuel from our supply locations to your storage tanks to ensure complete fuel management.
  • We ensure temperature variance does not impact your fuel quality.

Maintaining a fuel standard ensures good uptime and reliable production cycles. We with our highly trained technical workforce meet all your optimized fuel requirements. Trust your uptime to us.

  • Assurance of quality and quantity at delivery point not source
  • Continuity
  • Single Vendor for all your sites
  • No new vendor development activity at different sites
  • No botheration of FUEL procurement, handling & storage
  • Regular Hassel free FUEL Supply
  • No cash handling
  • Fixed cycle payment
  • Utilization of man power more effectively
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Fuel Management Service

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