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Gas Based Generator Rental

How a gas based generator on hire advantageous over the diesel generator on rent?

Diesel generator on rent has always been stated to be more responsive, power rendering and long life cycle. With mechanical technology boom, the cleaner option - natural gases to be used in generators to provide seamless, clean noise free and the transient response similar to that of the diesel generators had been explored very well. The fuel technologists have explored the cleaner fuel so much that now it matches the start time of backup equipment to that of a conventional diesel generator on rent. The diesel generator on rent faces an issue of wet sacking where the unburned fuel returns and settles as soon into the exhaust system when the generator is overloaded. The Gas based generator on hire does not face the wet sacking issue at higher than optimal loads. So even if your load demand is high the gas based generator on hire will not decrease the fuel efficiency.

As the Gas based generator on hire is to be used only for power backup its longevity and Diesel generator on rent longevity are around the corners only. Natural gas as a fuel is a cheaper fuel option to diesel generator on rent bringing down the cost of your fuel consumption considerably. The diesel generators do emit the wastes that are to be handled under certain govt. guidelines while the natural gas generators have a cleanest possible emission.

Taking the generator on rent rather than purchasing the entire setup is already an established cost effective and quick method in the market. Talking about highlights here:

  • Generator on rent saves you the setup time as the rental equipment is ready to move and set.
  • Generator on rent does not make your capital investment huge.
  • Any change in power requirement you just need to intimate the rental company and they will update the equipment.

  • Location change for your industry or factory the generator on rent simply needs to be shifted.
  • Generator on rent is a complete set up to maintenance package by the rental company.

The only issue is the Gas based generator on hire might cause you fuel procurement but that is also being handled by state govt. to ensure more usage of the Gas generator on hire.

As a well-established company with extensive experience in generator rental business, we have also moved to provide you with a cleaner option. An option that is clean for you as well as our planet.

To provide relentless power to you with our gas based generator on hire we make sure to use the best equipment to meet below requirements:

  • Highly durable designs of the gas based generator on hire that leads to extended maintenance duration.
  • Highly efficient engines to ensure the best fuel to power ratio.
  • Microprocessor based control between the gas based generator on hire set up location and point of application of power.
  • Flexible options to give you space and cost efficient setup.

We lead in the gas based generator on hire for the power sensitive industrial plants, factories in pharma, biotech and gas field sectors. Our diesel generator on hire is perfectly calibrated to give you a consistent supply in the most reliable and cost effective way. With gas based generator on hire the cost effectiveness increases and the clean fuel usage increases. We supply 10MW on BOO basis depending upon the availability of gas (PNG or LNG).

The USP of the gas based generator on hire is co-generation & CHPC (combined heat, power & chilling). We trap the exhaust heat produced during generation of electricity that is in turn used for heating & chilling purpose in the same area.

The advantages of co-generation and CHPC are:

  • Co-generation can significantly lower the energy costs.
  • Enhances operational efficiency.
  • Reduces energy wastes as the waste is also energy here.
  • Moves a part of load off the grid with co-generation

The gas based generator technology is what is being brainstormed the most right now we assure you to keep pace with technologies and keep providing you better and better fuel consuming equipment.

We at Perennial Technologies provide you single stop solution for all your gas generator requirements. Right from set up to maintain our workforce of highly trained engineers ensures smooth, efficient and cost effective operations of your power back up set up.  

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