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Mining itself is a tedious business that needs ample attention. Mining companies are very much bothered by the power requirements. As the power requirements are high and need to be safe the Mining companies switch to power on lease for the mining sector. Perennial has provided services to the Mining in India, including services to support mining infrastructure on an open Cut and underground mine sites, as well as mineral industrial process plants.
Our turnkey rental power solutions range from 15 KVA generators to complete multi-MW power packages from 2 MW upwards of 50MW both LV and HV installations, including full operation and maintenance.

Light tower rental services for mining

The rental power services offer a lot of respite to Mining companies by providing power on lease for mining sector with below benefits:

  1. Our Multi-megawatts generators provide you with the flexible power supplies.
  2. Our van mounted multi-megawatt generators make the movement of power supply easy.
  3. Our Fuel storage capacity generators are perfect for an open cast and underground mining requirement.
  4. The moveable step up and step down are well suited for underground mining requirement.
  5. Switch gears are set up to main power feeder generator.
  6. Power safety is provided as the cables may get damaged in the mining environment.
  7. Our entire equipment for power on lease for mining sector has increased protection and compliant with latest standards.
  8. Our range of small generators varies from 30 KVA - 2000 KVA and can be combined to get your multi-generator output range from 1MW - 6 MW.

The mining areas are rural and availability of reliable power is a big bottle neck for the mining sector. The non-availability of the Power Grids in rural belts increases the dependency on the power on lease for the mining sector.

How does Perennial meet your specific requirements?
  1. Multi-megawatt generator that provides power to mining sector requires a specialized team of engineers to provide solutions in case of emergency.
  2. Efficient fuel management system for mining power generators should be the most cost effective with the step up and step down options.
  3. 24 * 7 on-site engineer to maintain the multi-megawatt package.

generator on rent for mining sector

Perennial Technologies Power Services for Mining Sectors :

  1. Long life cycle generators with the best machinery to provide continuous duty.
  2. Step up and Step down options give your power efficient flexibility required for the mining sector.
  3. Grid paneling as the power needs to be distributed to various mining sections.
Apart from power reliability, the issue is the optimum lighting in coal mines.
We offer Mining companies the best quality and reliable Light tower on rent for mining and the lighting towers offer temporary lighting solutions to the mining where its utter pitch dark. Our cost effective and durable Light tower solutions ensure sufficient light levels. With rotation and point illumination feature, our lightning towers are best suited for mining works. Our light towers on rent for mining are made of the best durable materials and are easy and quick to install. Weather resistant Light tower on rent for mining allows 360-degree rotation and emergency stop button makes it the best choice. Our annual maintenance contracts for power on lease for the mining sector and Light tower on rent for mining giving you optimum reliability. Both diesel and natural gas powered generators are available as well as a combined fuel (diesel/gas) system. With our Fuel Management services, you get the best fuel and best equipment. It’s a complete package of installment, maintenance and maximum uptimes. The smooth functioning of mining operations with our power equipment and light towers is ensured.

Typical applications include:
  1. DG set from 15KVA to 2050 single unit & it can be multi-mega watts till 50mw with HT/LT.
  2. Annual Maintenance contract for the Dg sets Deployed at Remote Location
  3. Power for labor camps including accommodation and catering facilities.
  4. Power during the Construction Phase of a new mine.
  5. Power for the extension of existing mine capacity
  6. Additional power for production peaks
  7. Power during planned maintenance.
  8. Emergency power during unplanned outages
  9. Both diesel and natural gas powered generators are available as well as a combined fuel (diesel / gas) system
  10. Power in the Remote Location.

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