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We often hear about an instrument called a mobile light tower. But the reality is that not many people know about this instrument in detail. It is mobile equipment which has high-intensity electric lamps attached to it. Generally, these high-intensity electric lamps contain metal halide bulbs powered by a generator.

But nowadays battery powered, solar powered and hydrogen-powered sets are also available. Now the question arises that what is the use of mobile light tower? They are used in all those outdoor activities where a mobile source of light is needed. For example, construction, outdoor shooting of the movies, in mining, in some excavation project and such similar things.

In all such cases, the mobile lighting tower has become a huge necessity. Often the work gets stalled on a rainy or a stormy day due to the absence of a good mobile lighting tower. Still, you may be wondering from where to buy a mobile light tower of the best quality? Buy mobile light tower from our company Perennial Technologies.

Technical Specification of AX8 Mobile Light Tower
Performance Data Unit AX8
Rated Frequency Hz 50
Rated Voltage VAC 230
Rated Power (PRP) KW 2.7
Operating Temperature C -0.5
Sound Pressure Level dB(A) 90
Sound Power @ 7M (LPA) dB(A) 65

Model - -
Speed VAC 230
Rated Power (PRP) RPM RPM
Rated Net Output (PRP) Kw 3.5
Coolant - AIR
Number of Cylinders - 1

Type -- Manual
Rotation Degrees 340
Maximum Height M 8
Maximum Speed Wind Km/hr 80

We Produce Fuel Efficient and Cost Effective Mobile Light Tower Setup

Perennial Technologies is the one stop solution to buy mobile light tower in India of any model & sizes. At Perennial Technologies, you can buy a mobile light tower of the latest design. Our company has branches spread all over India. So even if you reside in the very rural part or a small village you can buy a mobile light tower from our company. Sometimes in the small villages or a remote part of India, you don't find a good shop or an agency to buy such uncommon and rare instruments. In such cases, you can buy a mobile light tower from us.

Although there are many companies selling mobile light towers in India, but rates are unusually high sometimes. But such is not the case with our Perennial Technologies. Here you can buy mobile light towers at a very reasonable rate. You don't have to worry about the rates or the prices. Because at Perennial Technologies, you get the best deal of mobile light towers. Here you can buy a mobile light tower of any design and type at the best possible prices. Our mobile light tower is ideal for providing strong light for mining, road construction, movie shooting, agriculture, events, and emergency rescue.

Get Varity of Mobile Light Towers at One Place

Perennial Technologies provides a range of mobile light towers for sale in India, such as portable flask flooding lights, stadium-style mobile lights, offshore lighting tower, and many other types. We have a strong branch network in many states. So our services reach out to a large number of clients. Our company has earned quite a remarkable place in the list of our valued clients. Different clients have different needs we cater to the different needs of the clients according to their specific needs. Customers can choose from within the range of different mobile light towers according to their specific needs.

Our supreme quality of services has placed us in the preferred list of many corporate clients. And some of them are very big names in the corporate world. Our clients are from various sectors such as big industrial houses, event management companies, hospitals, mining firms, historical and archaeological survey department, many big film production houses, sports events management companies and many such sectors where a good quality mobile light tower is needed. Hence Perennial Technologies has made a strong customer base because of rendering best services.

Portable Light Tower for Sale in India - Perennial Technologies

Now, as you have understood much about mobile light towers let's discuss some of the salient features of our portable light tower for sale in India which will make you think about it

Easy Setup with Easy Transport: Our portable light tower for sale can be easily transported to the desired construction site. The easy portability of our light towers gives flexibility to users as it can be shifted to other places in a little time. Our portable light tower for sale can cover 8 acres of land. And as these towers are attached with wheels, not much efforts are needed during transportation.

Good Light Capacity: Our portable light tower for sale can cater 5 times more light as compared to fixed light towers. These portable towers never create any dark spots, which is the case with fixed light towers. And these dark spots are often responsible for accidents. Our portable light tower for sale never create dark spots and caters superior illumination.
The added benefit of power: Our portable light tower for sale also provides power. Hence there is no need to carry an additional generator for fixtures. These light towers require less fuel, you may only need 4 litres of fuel for every 2 hours.

Why Buy Our Mobile Light Towers

Our portable light towers for sale are highly efficient and contain robust fixtures which are resistant to shock. Their weather-resistant cabinets and compact design enables easy transportation.

Our portable light towers are preferred by many of our valued customers as it is quite suitable for areas where fixed light towers can't work efficiently, and these towers are capable of illuminating large industries and construction areas. Our portable lighting towers can provide 5 times more light by consuming the same amount of power.

Buy the Best Mobile Light Tower for Best Result

Our compact and innovative towers has made a leading edge in the construction industry. Our easy to setup, easy to maintain and light weight towers cater maximum light in minimum footprint. With long life, extended service intervals, LED facility and upgraded engines our towers has established a trust level among our clients and yes you can get a good return over investment in your business through our portable light towers. Stability, reliability and excellent service are some of the salient features of our mobile towers and these aspects have made it a number choice of our clients.

Because light towers operate in harsh conditions, our focus always remains on the lifespan and peak performance. All models of our portable light towers for sale have eco-friendly frames which prevent additional fluid escape.

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