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Multi MW Syncronized Genset We offer flexible multi megawatt generators on hire to help manage emergency power needs in sectors such as offshore and mining. Depending on the situation, you can either step up or step down the supply for efficient fuel management. Our continuous duty generators are installed by expert technicians and dedicated site engineers. Our project team is on call 24/7 ensuring that the multi megawatt generator runs seamlessly.Perennial offers generator on hire in Delhi region and also executed multi-megawatt generator on hire in hydrabad, Bhubneswar, Banglore. Our hire transformers with a wide scope such as heavy fuel oil, continuous duty, grid panelling, step up, HT, tri generation, heat recovery and enhanced fuel management are ever ready to step up to your high voltage power needs. Exceptionally engineered transformers offer users accurate logistics, rapid deployment, zero capex and efficient power management capabilities.

Why go for a hiring multi-megawatt generator in place of one large-capacity generator?

No doubt one single diesel generator is big power source and will meet your load requirements but one cannot ignore the big space they block in your premises. Space is pricey nowadays and we wanted to find a solution to the supersized large capacity multi-megawatt generators. We came up with adding a multi-megawatt generator 1 MW – 6MW to our catalog to meet the requirements of generators for industries on hire.

The Large-capacity generators make you do a big bargain on size versus power. The large capacity generator can be replaced with smaller generators synced together. A very viable solution to meet your demands is a multi-megawatt generator range of 1 Megawatt, 2 Megawatt, 4 Megawatt & 6 Megawatt.

Advantages of a multi-megawatt generator on hire :

In basic terms, a multi-megawatt generator for industries on hire would be a series of two 500 KVA generator to meet your 1MW load requirement. These small generators are synced together with no wastage of power giving you cent percent power.

  • The smaller generators that are to be assembled for multi-megawatt generator for rent are easily transported and fixed up in half the time to meet your requirements.
  • Industrial generators on hire are flexible to be placed so save you a lot of costly space.
  • They give you a range of higher power outputs to choose from as the multi-megawatt generator on rent can be assembled as per requirement.
  • Our range of small generators on hire varies from 30 KVA – 2000 KVA making your multi-generator output range from 1MW, 2MW, 4MW & 6 MW.

How to decide on the rental company for a generator for industries on hire :

The market is swarming with many generator rental companies but you need to select the one that meets the below 5 requirements to meet all SLA’s:

  • Multi-megawatt generator on hire requires a specialized team of engineers to provide solutions in case of emergency.
  • The generator for industries on hire should be remote monitored to save time.
  • The casing of the multi-megawatt package should meet ISO requirements of acoustic enclosure.
  • Efficient fuel management system to be the most cost effective with the step up and step down options.
  • 24/7 onsite engineer to maintain the multi-megawatt generators package.
Technical Specifications
Capacity 1MW 2MW 4MW 6MW
Speed In RPM 1500 750 750 750
Engine Make - - - -
Starting System Available Available Available Available
Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz
Griding SYNC Available Available Available Available
Type of Cooling - - - -

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