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Generator Hire In Pune
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Perennial House, Plot No. 70, Pashan Link Rd. Bavdhan Pune, Maharashtra PIN 411021

Mr. Abhijeet Mane

Designation: Team Leader Email : sales@perennial.co.in

Perennial generator rental services to Pune clients

About Pune

Lower your productivity losses with diesel generators on hire in Pune

Pertaining to the fact that an industry whether small or big, power cuts can be catastrophic to its productivity. The frequency of brownouts or blackouts is a common trend in Pune impacting the productivity of industries. During the monsoon, the underground cables develop faults and the repair work gets delayed due to water logging. Our Gen set, Dg set & diesel generators are embedded with best quality and latest technology sound proof system which assures users of minimal noise.

Thinking about renting or buying the equipment's in Pune like the diesel generator, industrial generator, generator van or a GenSet / Dg set just weighing the options would be an ingenious step.

The power equipment like above are the lifelines of any industry nowadays. Diesel generator on hire, generator van on hire or a GenSet on hire in Pune yields your flexibility in the cost saving and hassle saving terms. Let's elaborate:

Buying Diesel Generator in Pune can cost you a considerable amount of your capital investment. Renting the same equipment saves you the buying capital and liberates you to invest the same on appreciating assets. Diesel Generator or GenSet depreciates and goes out of the league due to fast pace changing technology. Renting gives you quick upgrade to a reliable, safe and cost-saving option.

Your GenSet or Dg set might change during the course of operations. It would be a hassle to dispose of the old equipment and go for a new one in a tight production time frame. Industrial Generator on rent in Pune gives you easy hassle free working environment and the generator van on rent is a quick installation to a sudden power requirement.

Range of Industrial Equipment and Diesel Generators Offered by us in Pune

  1. 30 Kva, 100 Kva, 500 Kva Generator on hire in Pune.
  2. 1 Mw - 2 Megawatt Industrial Generator for hire in Pune.
  3. Diesel Generator on hire in Pune.
  4. Generator for Industries on rent in Pune.
  5. Silent Diesel Generator on hire in Pune.
  6. Dewatering Pumps on hire in Pune.
  7. Generator Van on hire in Pune.
  8. GenSet on rent in Pune.
  9. Dg set on hire in Pune.
    1. A workforce of 250 technically efficient teams at 24 cities across India we feel proud to be serving the rental industry for last 25 years. Serving the IT Companies, ICICI Securities, Insurance, Bridgestone and others small-scale industries we know the extent of your trust on us. Our quick and prompt services provide you one-stop solutions right from installations to maintenance we provide you energy conversations regular updates.

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